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Our washing machine service includes the cleaning of the drums and the drain system, then we remove all the obstructionsthat may be stuck in the machine. We also clean the filters and inlet to improve the performance of your machine. After the process of cleaning, we check your machine properly and hand it over to be in working condition.


We install your washing machine at the right and best location of your home. We install the machine stably to avoid the vibration.


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We provide best washing machine repair in Delhi and Delhi NCR, In repairing our very First step is to check and analyse your machine so that we may find the problem, after that we suggest you the best solution with very affordable price and repair it, we provide the warranty for the spare parts and repairing as well. Technician will find out the problem of Washing machine.Technician will give estimate about repairing cost. visit charges are applicable for 15 days.



We Uninstallation your washing machine at the right and best location of your home. We provide best washing machine Uninstallation in Delhi and Delhi NCR

Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair & Service

Do you have a clogged washing machine or it just suddenly stopped working? Are you also thinking to buy a new one as the old one just stopped working? Why not give it another chance and save your money? Call the best washing machine repair services in delhi today and get affordable solutions. We are an leading washing machine service near you and provides services within 2 hours.

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Washing Machine Repair


Main problems in washing machine

As a washing machine user, do you face the issues with your washing machine? Do you struggle to identify the problem in your washing machine and can’t find the solution? Now you don’t need to worry about it, we are here to help you. Do you know, 50% of the problems you can solve by yourself, you don’t need a technician for them and there is no need of spending money for small problems which can be fix easily, if you want to know the solutions keep reading this. Let’s know about some of the common problems which we face with our washing machine generally.

Yes! Faston Services Provide Split And Window Ac Services In Delhi Ncr. If your washing machine is not turning on or it’s washing drums not rotating or the light of control panel is not turning on, do check the power source, check the plug first. Please try to check that is there any short circuit happened or not, if yes then replace the electric wire, if not you need a skilled washing machine technician FASTON SERVICES has very skilled and professional technician. You can book the technician by calling as or just visit our website. Faston services provides the best washing machine repair service in Delhi.

If the water is not entering in the machine check the water supply, hoses and inlet filter, clean it and retry. Still it is not solved, call a technician on FASTON SERVICES, we send technician on time and as per your schedule, we provide washing machine repairing near you.

Water leakage is a most common problem in washing machine. There can be many reason for water leakage. Loose or damaged hoses can be the one of the reasons, tight the hoses or replace it, over loading is also a common reason for water leakage. Avoid overloading while washing your clothes. Still you are facing the same problem, you really need a technician. FASTON SERVICES is always available for you. Just drop a message on WHATSAPP or just call on given numbers to book your slot.

Is your machine making noise or vibration too much? Check its feet, check the feet are on same level or not? If it is not, maintain the level. The overloading also can be the reason of noise and vibration. So do check you are filling the machine with right quantity of clothes. Still same issue then contact a reliable technician for your washing machine, Faston services will be your best choice for washing machine repair.

If your washing machine is not working properly or the drum is not spinning, you should check for obstructions in the drum. Like clothing items might be stuck. Remove the clothes and use your machine, if you are still facing the same problem, you need a technician for checking the motor. FASTON SERVICE provide best motor replacement in affordable price, the spare parts we use are original and of good quality. We provide the warranty for the spare part as well.